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Grounding Structure and Grounding Method of Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier 

US Invention Patents: US 10,135,402 B1
Russia Patent for Invention No. 2695048
Australia Invention Patents: Patent number: 2018222961
Korea Invention Patents: Korea Patent No. 10-2077092
Singapore Invention Patents: Singapore Patent No. 10201806744W

The application provides a grounding structure of a vacuum tube audio amplifier, which includes, in aspect of the power thereof, utilizing a power circuit without choke, an anti-cross circuit and a filament regulator circuit; and in aspect of the ground thereof, utilizing an output negative terminal of an audio output transformer circuit or a negative terminal of filter capacitor of the power circuit as a single ground terminal of the vacuum tube audio amplifier, and arranging no metal ground bottom plate thereof, in order to achieve a lightweight desktop vacuum tube audio amplifier, and further avoid leakage..

The grounding structure of the vacuum tube audio amplifier is provided by the present invention. The vacuum tube audio amplifier transmits an output signal according to an input signal, and includes a power circuit that supplies power to a vacuum tube amplifying circuit and an audio output transforming circuit. The audio output amplifying circuit amplifies the input signal and transmits it to the audio output transforming circuit, which delivers the output signal to the loudspeaker. Besides, the negative output terminal of the audio output transforming circuit or the negative terminal of a filter capacitor in the power circuit is used in the vacuum tube audio amplifier as the single ground terminal, which is not coupled to a grounding metal bottom plate. Also, through a filament voltage regulator circuit, the power is supplied to a filament of a vacuum tube in the vacuum tube audio amplifying circuit.

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