echoDAB1 Radio

The Sound Full, Clear, Sharp, spacious, and elaborate

Are you looking for a versatile and powerful digital radio that can deliver high-quality
sound and let you enjoy your favorite radio stations?
If so, you might want to check out the echoDAB1, a new product that combines DAB/DAB+/FM radio with wireless Bluetooth.
Here are some of the features and specifications of this amazing device:

• Bluetooth :
You can connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to the echoDAB1 and stream your music wirelessly.
The echoDAB1 supports Bluetooth 5.0, which offers faster and more stable connection, lower power consumption, and longer range.

You can tune in to hundreds of digital and FM radio stations with the echoDAB1.
The DAB/DAB+ technology provides crystal-clear sound quality, noise-free reception, and information about the programs.
The FM mode allows you to listen to your local and favorite stations with ease.

• AUX-IN :
You can also use the echoDAB1 as a wired power speaker by connecting it to any audio source with a 3.5mm jack.
This is useful when you want to play music from devices that do not have Bluetooth.

• Alarm/Clock/Sleep :
The echoDAB1 can also serve as your personal assistant, helping you wake up and fall asleep.
You can set up to two alarms with different radio stations or tones. You can also use the sleep function to set a timer for the echoDAB1 to turn off automatically after a certain period of time.
The LCD display shows the time, date and other information in white font on a black background, making it easy to read in any light condition.

• Sound Quality :
The echoDAB1 delivers impressive sound quality with its 7W RMS amplifier and 3" mono full-range driver.
The built-in EQ circuit optimizes the high and low frequencies, making the sound rich, clean, clear, open, and detailed.
Whether you are listening to music, news, or sports, you will be immersed in the sound of the echoDAB1.

• Power :
The echoDAB1 comes with a 12V DC 1.5A external switch power supply that plugs into any standard wall outlet.

• Size :
The echoDAB1 has a compact and elegant design that fits in any space.
It measures 210mm(W) x 132mm(H) x 102mm(D) and weighs only 1.2kg.
The wooden case gives the echoDAB1 a natural and warm look that complements any decor.

The echoDAB1 is a great product that offers multiple functions and superb sound quality in one device.
If you are interested in buying or learning more about the echoDAB1, please contact us for more details.

Functions: Bluetooth 5.0 / DAB+ / FM / AUX / Alarm / Sleep / Clock
LCD Display: White text on Black background; 128 x 64
Amplifier Power: 7W RMS @ 1% THD
Speaker: 3" MONO Full Range Driver
Power Supply: 12V DC 1.5A External Switching Power
Dimensions: 210mm(W) x 132mm(H) x 102mm(D)
Weight: 1.2kg
Cabinet Material: Wooden

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功能:網絡收音機 / CD (Slot-In) / Spotify Connect / DAB+ / FM / Bluetooth 4.2 aptX / AUX / WI-FI / USB 端口播放和充電(1A) / 自然環境音響系統 (NESS) / 鬧鐘 / 睡眠 / 時鐘
OLED顯示:黑光白字; 128×64
放大器功率:6W x 2 RMS @ 1% THD
預設記憶:DAB x 10 / FM x 10
揚聲器:3” 全頻驅動器*2 & 4.7” x 1.5” 自然聲驅動器*2
CD 播放器:音頻 CD / CD-R / CD-RW / 播放支持
電源:12V DC 2.5A 外置開關電源
尺寸:360mm(W) x 140mm(H) x 182mm(D)

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